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Diesel generator set plunger cleaning is not clean or chaotic

Article Source:TOP Power Popularity:536 Issuing time:2019-01-25

  The diesel generator set must be cleaned twice when cleaning the plunger. First clean the anti-rust oil on the plunger sleeve with clean light diesel oil, and then carry out the second cleaning. Do not touch the friction surface of the plunger when cleaning. This is because the hand often returns to the sweat mucus, and the mucous membrane is difficult to wash off on the friction surface of the plunger. Because the gap between the plunger and the sleeve is extremely small, the plunger will be stuck in the sleeve, and the spray is additionally sprayed. The oil pump plunger coupler is precision machined and matched. It is not interchangeable. It must be properly stored after disassembly. Otherwise, the original fit relationship will be destroyed and the sliding will be inflexible.

  Check whether the plunger coupler is stuck by cleaning the plunger and the plunger sleeve with diesel oil, and after the surface of the plunger is coated with diesel oil, insert the plunger sleeve into the internal control, and slide the plunger coupler with good performance. When the plug is inserted into the inner length of the plunger sleeve by one-half of the length, in the case that the plunger sleeve is vertical or inclined at 45 degrees, it should be able to rely on the self-weight of the plunger to easily and slowly slide down to the end, pull the plunger out, turn any Angle, the result should be the same.

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