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Diesel generator set fault self-diagnosis content

Article Source:TOP Power Popularity:331 Issuing time:2019-01-25

  1. When the fault is found, the diesel generator set is under normal working conditions, and the various sensor level signals input to the electronic control unit are within a certain range. Once the signal outside the range appears, the electronic control unit is diagnosed as a fault signal. However, for the actuator in the open-loop control system, since only the electronic control unit signal is received and the execution is not fed back, it is necessary to set a special circuit to detect the operation of the actuator.

  2. Fault classification. When designing the self-diagnostic system, the manufacturer shall output the level signal according to the input of different fault parts signals in advance, and program the fault code in the program. Once the electronic control power supply fails, the fault signal is immediately placed in the seat. And programmed into the predetermined fault code.

  3. Fault storage, when the electronic control unit detects the fault, it will alarm the user through the alarm light set in the instrument panel, or directly alert the user in the form of text through the liquid crystal display, and also display the fault part.

  4. Emergency response. If a fault occurs during operation, in order not to interfere with normal work, the electronic control unit usually adopts emergency response measures, that is, using the substitute bits in the preprogrammed program to calculate the normal use function.

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