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Diesel generator set installation preparation and mute characteristics

Article Source:TOP Power Popularity:646 Issuing time:2019-01-25

(1) Handling of diesel generator sets

When transporting, care should be taken to tie the hoisting ropes in place and hang them lightly. When the unit is shipped to the destination, it should be placed in the warehouse as much as possible. If there is no warehouse to be stored in the open air, the fuel tank should be raised to prevent rainwater from infiltrating. The box should be covered with rainproof tent to prevent sun and rain. Damage to the device.

Due to the large size and heavy weight of the unit, the handling route should be arranged before installation, and the handling port should be reserved in the equipment room. If the doors and windows are not large enough, a large carrying port can be reserved by using the position of the door and window. After the standby group is moved in, the wall is installed and the doors and windows are installed.

(2) Unpacking

Before unpacking, first remove dust and check the box for damage. Check the box number and quantity and do not damage the machine when unpacking. The order of unpacking is to fold the top plate first and then remove the side plate. After unpacking, you should do the following work:

1 Inventory all units and accessories according to the unit list and packing list;

2 Check whether the main dimensions of the unit and accessories are consistent with the drawings;

3 Check the unit and accessories for damage and rust;

4 If the unit cannot be installed in time after inspection, the rust-proof oil should be re-applied on the finished surface of the disassembled machine for proper protection. Do not turn the transmission part and the sliding part of the unit until the anti-rust oil has not been removed. If the rust preventive oil has been removed after the inspection, the rust preventive oil should be reapplied after the inspection.

5 The unit after unpacking should be kept in a safe place and must be placed horizontally. The flange and various interfaces must be covered, bandaged, and protected from rain and sand.

(3) Dash positioning three-dimensional

According to the relationship between the unit and the wall or column center marked by the plane layout drawing of the unit and the relationship between the unit and the unit, the vertical and horizontal reference lines of the unit installation location are delineated. The allowable deviation between the center of the unit and the center of the wall or column is 20mm, and the allowable deviation between the unit and the unit is 10mm.

(4) Check the equipment to be installed

Inspect the equipment, understand the design content and construction drawings, prepare materials according to the materials required for the design drawings, and send the materials to the construction site in order according to the construction plan.

Silent diesel generator sets, diesel generator sets are designed with the introduction of foreign low-noise generators and engines; advanced design and complete range. In addition to the product series diesel generator sets and diesel generator sets, they also have the following features: low noise unit, compact overall structure, small footprint; all movable structures in the splicing steel plate, coated with high performance Anti-rust paint, and when there is noise reduction and rain protection;

The multi-barrier structure type muffler frame impedance is not matched, and a large impedance muffler is built in. The cabinet structure is designed with a large-capacity fuel tank inside the box, about the same time double door access door to unit fault diagnosis; while the box opens an observation window and the unit emergency stop button does not comply with the unit and in the emergency department to Run the fastest speed down case to avoid damage to the equipment in the ISO374 line 1 noise standard.

2. Special sound-absorbing material for internal functions, compact structure allows built-in silencer. Good ventilation and heat dissipation structure

3 boxes of special treatment, suitable for all-weather use. Position 4 boxes for easy viewing and setting up a reasonable observation window and gymnastics.

5 sets of special shock absorbers, the unit runs quietly and peacefully

The 6 large capacity base fuel tank eliminates the installation and connection process.

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