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How does the temperature of the diesel generator set water tank affect the exhaust gas?

Article Source:TOP Power Popularity:656 Issuing time:2019-01-25

  When the diesel generator set is installed, if the temperature of the water tank is too low, it will have a great impact on the generator set.

  Therefore, generator technicians need to pay attention to the following matters when using:

  (1) The cooling system should use clean soft water. The pH value of the cooling water should be controlled between 8 and 11 to minimize the fouling of the cooling system to prevent the cooling effect. In the use, the inside of the cooling system should be cleaned regularly with a chemical agent to ensure a good cooling cycle and normal heat dissipation.

  (2) After the diesel generator is started, it should be operated with medium and small throttles so that the water temperature can reach 40 °C or higher before the machine can start. When the temperature reaches 60 °C, the machine can work with load; avoid the diesel generator for a long time overload. jobs.

  (3) When the diesel generator is overheated due to lack of water, cold water should not be added immediately. The diesel generator should be operated at low speed first, and then added after the water temperature drops. When the temporary parking is required, the diesel generator can be used as a small throttle. Idle speed, but not too long.

  (4) In the cold season, in order to facilitate the start-up of the diesel generator set, hot water of about 80 °C may be added to the cooling system, or the oil of the oil pan may be warmed up and then started. At the end of the work, after the temperature of the diesel generator is lowered to 50~60 °C, the drain valves of the radiator and the cylinder block are all opened to allow the water in the cooling system to be drained.

  (5) Always check whether the water tank is short of water or water leakage, and whether the fan tape is too loose; the thermostat cannot be arbitrarily removed; the opening of the windshield and louver of the water tank should be adjusted at any time according to the working temperature of the diesel generator.

  When the diesel generator set is used, the exhaust gas is not cleaned and seriously pollutes the surrounding environment of the use place. The harmful substances in the exhaust gas seriously affect people's health. For example, some of the unit emission standards have reached the national three standards, and domestic units have not done so.

  1. Wet water treatment is a relatively simple way to filter the tail gas directly with water, basically no effect;

  2. Dry type black smoke treatment, select a feasible purification device according to the discharge amount, but only play the effect of removing black smoke;

  3. Dry decontamination treatment, filter out harmful substances such as CO, HC, NOx and SO2 in the exhaust gas to reach the national emission standard;

  The harmful substances in the exhaust gas are very harmful to the environment and the human body. In order to improve the health of the human body and further improve the quality of the surrounding environment of the plant, it is imperative to decide to control the exhaust gas of the generator.

  The diesel generator set has the characteristics of low fuel consumption, high reliability, large torque, good operability, convenient maintenance and normal use of harsh environmental conditions. It is widely used in generator sets, large and medium-sized tractors, pump units, construction machinery, fixed operation power, and air. The power supply of the press provides ideal power for agricultural vehicles and ships. In order to better use the generator set in this hot weather, the use of cooling water is very important, pay attention to the following aspects:

  Cool water should be cleaned with fresh water, such as rain, snow, good quality tap water or clarified river water. If well water or other groundwater is directly used, because they contain more minerals, it is easy to form scale in the water chamber of the firewood generator set, which will affect the cooling effect and cause failure. If the conditions are limited to only hard water, it can be used after softening treatment.

  In short, the cooling water used should be clear and soft water of better quality. Try not to use more mineral water or hard water. This will help to extend the service life of the Weichai generator set.

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